Earn as an agent!

Obtain a reward up to $30 per each FX trade from a client involved in the company.

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Build up Your effective business on financial markets!

Agents of Bulltraders.com obtain reward per each client involved in FX trading.
The more active clients are involved in trading, the more reward an agent will get.

1Tell about the abilities of the financial markets to your acquaintances or use the agent’s promotional tools to involve people from the Internet.

2A client opens a trading account in the company and starts trading FX using company’s services and the trading platform.

3You obtain an all-time reward up to $20 per each trade of the involved client at FX-market.

4Build up your own team of agents all over the world and obtain more reward from the clients involved by the agents of your team down to the fifth line of the team’s structure.

5Reach up the new heights with 4 personal agent’s levels. Obtain an extra reward for the additional achievements and for gained badges.

Become an agent right now and get 5 bcs of welcome!

Bullcoin (bcs) is an internal rewarding item of an agent equal to $1.
Become a verified agent and get 5 bcs with the agent’s program activation.

  • Become a Platinum
  • Build up 5 lines rewarding team
  • Create global agents’ network
  • Obtain up to $20 per trade
  • Get extra-rewards
  • Get 5 bcs as a new agent

Get $50 for trading as an agent!

Become a verified agent and get $50 for trading!
Trade, withdraw profit and demonstrate FX-market opportunities to new clients!

  • 1. Sign up in web-office
  • 2. Fill in the profile fully
  • 3. Verify profile as a client
  • 4. Activate the agent’s program
  • 5. Get $50 for trading